Smart Wind Poles

Blue Flag Project

Smart Wind Pole is a self sustainable and eco friendly project. Powered by both sun and wind, it’s many functions are there to provide fun and security 24/7. LED lights, positioned on top of the pole, are supplying light during a night swim. The ring section has two screens, that are showing time, date and a “Red Flag” when swimming is dangerous.
On left and right sides of the Wind pole there are ornaments, that glow during night time.


Blue Flag
Wind Turbine
Solar Panels
Digital Beach Flags
and Warning Signs (4pcs)
Clock and Temperature
Display (2pcs)
Backlight Info
Panels (2pcs)

Emergency Buttons
Public Lights (4pcs)
CCTV Security Cameras (2pcs)

Wind Turbine

UGE turbine is designed to operate with minimum action required on the part of the owner. If wired correctly, the controller or wind interface box / inverter combination will keep the turbine spinning at an optimum and safe RPM regardless of the wind speed.