Smart Solar Parking

Built for a smart, green and sustainable future.

The electricity produced by the solar parking canopies and arrays, when combined with the Smart Palm panels, Smart Wind Poles and Smart Changing Rooms, will provide energy for all amenities on the Smart Beach. Those renewable & green energy resources are the key elements of the Zero Net Energy plan that will be achieved on the Smart Beach.

Safety & Comfort

200 Parking spots

More than 2000m² of solar panels

Generating 1.3MW electricity

Smart Solar Parking – Community Benefits

Direct Benefits to the community

  • More parking space
  • Sun shade - covered parking space protects the vehicles from the heat
  • Higher convenience for visitors
  • Better Infrastructure
  • No traffic jams during weekends

InDirect Benefits to the community

  • Producing green energy - Lower carbon footprint
  • Encouraging visitors
  • Raising the local area’s profile