The Smart Beach

What it is all about?

Our vision for the Smart Beach is to create a venue where people can utilize and enjoy in all it has to offer, 24/7, 365 days in the year and where everything is powered by renewable energy resources and utilizing the last technology trends.

Using only green energy facilities to power up and maintain each facility the Smart Beach has to offer and to achieve a Zero Net Energy plan.

Swimming available 24/7. During the summer, life is ongoing throughout the night more then ever. Zones for disabled people available throughout the area.

Lifeguard and emergency services to all visitors.

Leisure facilities like beach bars, sunbeds, umbrellas and similar.

Sport venues for beach volleyball, beach football, padel, basketball.

Interactive content and easy interaction with a specially-tailored apps, achieved through complete Wi-Fi coverage. Score keeping, competitions, social media integration, field booking scheduling.

Make it one of the top things to visit while in UAE and help Dubai in becoming a worldwide recognized tourist destination by boosting its PR activity, organizing tournaments, world cups, concerts and similar gatherings.

Smart Changing Rooms

Each dressing room is planned with two compartments, one male and one female. LED lights will be integrated on the edge of each roof for a pleasant night ambient lighting. The entire structure will be made of aluminum profiles, except for the roof structure, planned to be produced out of fiberglass.

Smart Windpole

Each Smart Wind Pole consists of the following:

  • Wind Turbine
  • Solar Panels
  • Digital Beach Flags and Warning Signs
  • Public Lights (Night swimming)
  • CCTV / Security Camera
  • Clock and Display
  • Backlight PanelsTemperature
  • Emergency Button





Smart Palm

Smart Palm is a green self-sustainable device recharge station and info point with complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Solar Parking

The electricity produced by the solar parking canopies and arrays, when combined with the Smart Palm panels, Smart Wind Poles and Smart Changing Rooms, will provide energy for all amenities on the Smart Beach. Those renewable & green energy resources are the key elements of the Zero Net Energy plan that will be achieved on the Smart Beach.

Solar Buoys & Water Billboards

To mark the beach for the night time swimming and rise the safety, we have conceptualized the solar water buoys.




Smart & Healthy Beach Café

While providing leisure services to beach visitors, the Smart & Healthy Beach Cafés will be completely powered from the Smart Beach Power Grid, while also supplementing energy production through solar panels positioned on the roof tops. All areas around the Beach Cafés will be used for night swimming together with a proper access for disabled people



Solar Smart Locker

Smart Locker combines safety and comfort everywhere in an unique way. You don’t have to worry about your valuables ever again - the Smart Locker is the perfect safety solution for each one.

No more losing and moving your valuables. No more hectic rummaging around in the bag to assure you that all important documents are still there. Enjoy your free time - Smart Locker is available 24/7.